Saturday, December 11, 2010


I'm working on something about public recordings, so to all my 2(?) readers, I haven't abandoned the blog. I finally am working again, after over a year of unemployment, and so this new job has been devouring my spare time.

I have a job working as a driver for FedEx Home, so I'll likely have a post or two about route fun in the future, and definitely a post about what I think about the mail system in general.

In the meantime, enjoy this NSFW video on the game Tag


Spockgirl said...

So I guess I am perhaps one of your two readers. Excellent about the job... so I take it you get to wear one of those cute brown uniforms with the hat?

Tag: Hey... I have actually met kids like that... hilarious. I will have to share that vid.

Andrew Phule said...

The brown uniforms are for UPS, which is good, because brown is not my color. Currently, I don't have a uniform, just a hat that says FedEx on it.

Spockgirl said...

Oops... I knew it was UPS with the cute brown uniforms, but my mind temporarily forgot that and got the two mixed up.