Wednesday, May 4, 2011

More on Usama

Everyone's getting down on Bush about the whole Usama thing. Let's really look into this though: Obama used tactics and infrastructure which had been approved by George W. Bush. Not to mention the alliances Bush had created with Pakistan. Oh, and wasn't it Bush who approved giving the military more funding?

Meanwhile this event happens as Obama's poll numbers are incredibly low, not to mention the fact that he cut funding to the military, meanwhile the politicians haven't taken a pay cut at all. Not to mention the vacations, television appearances (including Mythbusters and Oprah) rather than dealing with actual issues and doing his. He spent his first year bowing to foreign dictators, tried his best to ruin relations with England, as well as driving America so far into debt that my grandchildren (should I have any) will be paying it off.

Now he's going to try and take credit for Usama not being a threat to us any longer? I don't think so. The real heroes are the Navy Seals who actually did the job, not that we'll ever get to know who it was, because it's classified (and the only reason I'm glad it's classified is I don't want any black lash against them or their families.) I hope they receive Congressional Metals of Honor as well as the Navy Cross.

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