Thursday, August 25, 2011

Star Trek

As it is considered a great Science Fiction show, I have decided to work through the entirety of the series, starting with The Next Generation. I've been enjoying it thus far, especially seeing Patrick Stewart as the Captain.

Some things I've noticed that I didn't know before:

Data gets laid by Lieutenant Yar. I wasn't aware that they gave Data full functionality, for that matter.

Picard is first seen ordering, "Earl Grey Tea, Hot" in the season 2 episode, Contagion. However, what the computer gives him is a plant. (Could this be a nod to Hitchhiker's Guide? The ship not giving tea [just like the guide] and a potted plant appearing against all odds?)

The second time Picard makes his famous Tea order is the season 2 episode, Pen Pals. He actually gets tea this time.

I'll post more as I view more episodes.

Also, a quick question, I will be watching Deep Space Nine, but I've not seen it, how does it rate compared to the other Star Treks?


Harvey said...

The most common evaluation is that "it's the best of the Star Trek serieses".

I tend to agree for the following reasons:

Captain Sisko has calm, self-confident authority, to a degree that makes Picard look like Richard Simmons.

Odo & Quark's antagoistic/respectful relationship ads an element of fun that TNG's frictionless cast just didn't have. Energy-wise, it's vaguely reminscent of the Spock/McCoy dynamic in TOS.

The Bashir character is mostly useless and annoying. Just try to grit your teeth whenever he's on screen.

The other thing about DS9 is that it has an overall story arc that plays out through the series, so you get the pleasure of watching characters change and grow. Something you don't get with the other serieses.

Mrs. Who said...

I liked DS9 way better than TNG, especially because of the story arc Harvey mentioned.

Riker skeeved me out on TNG. He sleeps with anything.

Graumagus said...

Plus the DS9 vs. The Klingon Fleet space battle was bar none the best space battle in ANY of the Trek series.