Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Businesses Asking for Your Facebook Password

Lately, there's been more than a few articles about Companies requesting potential employee's Facebook passwords, so they can peruse your account, circumventing any privacy settings you may have.

Now, I take a different stance on this. Rather than protesting, create a fake profile that you use specifically for this type of situation.

  • Be very open about your race.
  • Be very open about your sexual identity. Or, claim that you are gay/lesbian/bisexual/transexual/transgendered/multisexual (Pick one or more, as you like) and be vocal about it.
  • Be very outspoken about a religion (or lack thereof)
  • Be very outspoken about a political views.
If they don't hire you, sue the company, they aren't supposed to even see such information, the fact that they're perusing your Facebook page makes this information available to them.

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