Tuesday, December 25, 2012

My Christmas Eve Movie List

So every Christmas Eve, I try to watch at least three of these movies, if not all of them.  Usually, it goes into Christmas day, and then I sleep in Christmas Day, and it's wonderful.

1. Die Hard and Die harder
     What more could you want from a Christmas movie?  It's got action, suspense, drama, and comedy.  It's got Bruce Willis kicking ass, and he takes down the bad guy at the end.

2. It's a Wonderful Life
     I actually hated this movie when I was younger.  I ended up getting dragged to see it my first year in college, and I loved it.  I think it was seeing his genuine joy towards the end of the film, when he realized just how bad things could have turned out.

3. The Santa Clause trilogy
     I think I like this series, not only because I like Tim Allen, but also because this a movie specifically about Santa himself, rather than someone else's interaction with him.

4.  Ernest Saves Christmas
     I've loved Ernest since I was a kid, and the nostalgia just never wore off.  I love the style of comedy they use throughout the film, and it's just got a fun message to go with it.

5. Elf
   I normally don't like Will Ferrel movies, with only a few exceptions.  I think this one is my favorite of his, as it plays to his comedic strengths.

Of these, I always make certain to watch the first Die Hard, It's a Wonderful Life, and either the First Santa Clause Movie or Elf, if I can't fit in all of them.

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