Wednesday, April 24, 2013

No, Not Dead, Just Haven't Had Anything New To Say.

I haven't written or posted anything in the last few months because I haven't wanted to sound depressed.  I'm  not happy with large amounts of my life, and I'm not sure how to change them.  I left Grand Rapids a few years back, not because I wanted to, but because circumstances demanded it.  I'm hopefully headed back there within the next month or two.

It will be nice to see old friends again, and to get back into swing dancing, which I've sorely missed.  It's funny, when I lived in Michigan, I couldn't wait to leave.  I hated it in that state, but then I found Grand Rapids, and the city sort of sneaks up on you, and you find yourself loving the city.

My soul will always be down South, but a part of me has adopted Grand Rapids as my home town.

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