Saturday, May 18, 2013

Things to Put Into Care Packages

I was browsing reddit a day or so ago, and came across some comments about what to put into your care packages for the soldiers in your life.  I don't have many readers, but I figured I would share some of what soldiers mentioned they preferred to receive:

Fruit Snacks

Pretty much any kind of snack item

Flavored drink powders for your soldier to put in his water so it's more enjoyable.

Good Toilet Paper (Think Charmin Ultra Strong and Ultra Soft)  The Standard Issue stuff sucks.

Wet wipes (but not WetOnes.  They're anti-bacterial and can be harsh on the skin, not something you want to experience after wearing your clothes for hours on end after using one.  One soldier mentioned after using it it felt like fire ants were crawling over him)  Baby wipes with aloe are best, since they're gentle on the skin.

Tobacco. Both chewing and smoke variety.  Even if your soldier doesn't smoke or chew, tobacco is great for bartering.

Hot sauce

Meat seasoning in powdered form

Other food condiments that can travel well.


Aleve (Not Tylenol)

Vitamin B5, Vitamin C and Carotene Pills

If he has access to a gym, send them nutritional supplements (protein powder and the like)

Little bits of home that they might like.  One guy even suggested a small jar of American Soil

Magazines (like the glossy paper kind) However, be careful with this one-- if they're serving in Islamic nations, avoid porn, even things like GQ or Maxim count as porn.

Also, if in an Islamic nation, avoid sending pork products.



Pots and pans

Electric fly swatters

Morale patches

gag items are also enjoyed.

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