Saturday, November 26, 2011

Deep Space Nine

I've finally finished Deep Space Nine, and I have to say that it's had my favorite story so far. Compared with Next Generation, I found it much more engaging, and I'll miss most of the characters. I didn't care much for Jake Sisko, or O'brien's wife and children (the show would have been better if they just stayed off screen the entire time) I don't think Star Trek has ever had a non-annoying kid, with the exception of the Next Generation episode where Guinan and some of the crew are turned into children, and they still managed to do a horrible job with the young Picard.

Of all the characters, I wish that Vic Fontaine had been brought in earlier in the series. I think he brought more to the show than Quark or Ezri, and even manages to do a better job as a counselor (despite this not being his purpose) than Ezri, who's supposed to have 8 lifetimes of experience to draw from. One thing that didn't make sense to me about the program, is why Captain Sisko had such an issue with 1960's Vegas. I understand why people today would, but this is supposed to be 2369, everyone's evolved past the hatred and prejudices that plagued the 20th century. I think Sisko broke character in this regard.

My next series will be Voyager. I've heard bad things about it, but I remember watching it off and on growing up, and I found it enjoyable.

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