Monday, November 22, 2010

TSA: Keeping America Safe. . . From little kids?

So first the TSA terrifies a 3 year old girl

Then the TSA performs one of their pat downs with groin checking on a 12 year old boy out in public.

Disregarding whether or not such practices are actually beneficial at all, is it too much to ask that you take anyone under the age of 18 to a private area with their parents to do these kinds of things? And when dealing with children who aren't going to understand what the fuck you're doing, let's be a bit more child friendly, rather than terrifying them to no end.

Also, before subjecting kids to this kind of treatment, maybe a good idea would be to first talk to the parents to see if such a thing is warranted in the first place? If, after talking to the parent you feel that they may be using the child as a mule for explosives, then it's a good time to check the child out, again, being mindful not to scare the child.

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