Tuesday, November 23, 2010

TSA: Even More

Okay, so first, we have the guy from Mythbusters Adam Savage talking about the Full Body Scanners. Skip ahead to about 1:06 to get past all the wooing.

The TSA claims that these image devices enhance security, and miss two razor blades? Thank God that Adam isn't a terrorist, or we would have heard about that on the news, likely another report about how the passengers stopped the terrorist. I've heard of other incidents where people have gotten past security with knives, though I haven't been able to find those articles, so that may just be rumor.

In more recent news, in an attempt avoid being groped again, and not wanting to be subjected to the Full Body Scanner (for an unmentioned reason, I'm guessing either the health risk or the potential for having the images saved.), a man stripped down to his underwear making it evident that he could not possibly be carrying anything dangerous. The TSA's response?

A TSA supervisor and San Diego Harbor Police asked Wolynak to put his clothes back on "so he could be properly patted down," says his attorney.

Apparently, as shown by first Adam Savage, and now Sam Wolynak, attention to detail, common sense, and good eye sight are not required to do this job.

Potentially more troubling, Wolynak and his friends who were with him, were also charged with illegally recording the events that transpired within San Diego County Regional Airport. Troubling to me, because these recordings are the only way for us to protect ourselves and prove what events actually transpired.

The TSA says that of the over 28 million passengers, they've only received complaints from about 700 of them. Completely overlooking the fact that 28 million passengers weren't subjected to the full body screenings, only a very small percentage of them. They then go on to proclaim that for the most part, people choose the full body scans rather than the pat downs.

That to me is a load of horse shit. Passengers aren't really given a choice. They can use the full body scans, or be sexually assaulted. If they choose neither, then they can't fly (or in some cases, they get arrested.) When all of your "choices" are unpleasant, as they are in this kind of case, you aren't really given a choice. Add to that the fact that you may not get a refund for your ticket, and it's kind of like having a killer ask you which of your three children he's going to kill, no choice at all. (Let me clarify that I am not saying that the TSA situation is anywhere near has horrible as a killer asking you to choose which child dies.)

I know that personally, I won't be doing any flying in the near future. I've always much preferred driving to flying anyway. I can tell you one thing though, if I were running passenger trains, I'd be advertising the fact that the TSA won't be groping my passengers anytime soon.

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